Nick Irvine: A game of hockey is also about theatre

Nick Irvine: A game of hockey is also about theatre

Nick Irvine…. not a lot of hockey fans will recognise the name. The voice however… 🙂 When EHL started to transform our sport, Nick Irvine was the voice that complemented the revolutionary way our game was shown on TV. A decade down the road we know Nick Irvine as the voice of hockey.

“A game of hockey is also about theatre. And every time you go into the theatre you want to be surprised” is a quote by Nick Irvine from our talk with him. We spoke about the way he got started as a hockey commentator, the love of our game, the EHL, the players and teams who made an impression and lots more hockey. Today, Wednesday 2020-10-14, was supposed to be the day the Euro Hockey League would start. Unfortunately a vile virus is messing with our lives and our sport. We all recognise staying healthy is our first concern and playing/watching our sport comes second. But for those who miss our game of hockey, listening to the voice of hockey might offer a bit of consolation until we see better days again 🙂

Episode 40 was recorded on 2020-10-06, produced by & published on 2020-10-14
Host: Ernst Baart
Guest: Nick Irvine, sports commentator
Podcast: Studio Hockey