#EHCdaily 4 – The one with Shane McLeod and Maddie Hinch

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#EHCdaily 4 - The one with Shane McLeod and Maddie Hinch

The one with Shane McLeod and Maddie Hinch. Every day during the European Championships we will publish a new podcast before 8am about the day ahead at #EHC2019 ! In our 4th episode we spoke with Shane McLeod, coach for the Belgian men and Maddie Hinch, goalie for the English women. McLeod was recorded before the start of the tournament and we discussed the goals for this European Championship, but also the challenges of managing a team with so many peak moments in a year. Hinch was recorded immediately following her opening game in Antwerp where she won 2-1 vs Ireland, so we discussed her game and how she became a goalie… As a bonus we added the post game reaction by Mink van der Weerden after his Dutch won 3-2 against the Germans.
Join us also tomorrow for yet another podcast. Every day a new episode until the champions are known! We hope you enjoy…

Host : Ernst Baart
Recorded : 2019-08-15 + 18
Published : 2019-08-19
Part of : #EHCdaily