#EHCdaily 1 – The one with Marc Coudron… and Miki Delàs

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Studio Hockey
#EHCdaily 1 - The one with Marc Coudron... and Miki Delàs

The one with Marc Coudron… and Miki Delàs! Every day during the European Championships we will publish a new podcast before 8am about the day ahead at #EHC2019 ! In our first episode we spoke with Marc Coudron, the president of the Belgian hockey federation and as such the host for this EC. We talked about the rise of Belgian hockey. About gender balance. About what would make this tournament a succes. And of course about the opening game tonight between Belgium (the Red Lions) and Spain (the Red Sticks). So it was only fair to also give the Spanish captain Miki Delàs some time in this first of a series of daily podcasts… Every day a new episode until the champions are known! We hope you enjoy…

Host : Ernst Baart
Recorded : 2019-08-15 in Antwerp
Published : 2019-08-16
Part of : #EHCdaily