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  1. donjasjit
    2021-10-21 @ 19:56

    We had a discussion about hockey 5s in your original post about this subject. You are passionate about protecting the purity of the sport of hockey, of maintaining traditions which have endured for decades. I understand that.

    I, and others like me have different thoughts. I want hockey to grow, I want a world where hockey features regularly on T.V, a world where friends and relatives don’t give you strange uncomprehending looks when you want to talk about hockey. I see that future in hockey 5s because it is faster, easier to understand and much cheaper than regular hockey.

    Hockey5s pitch has the same dimensions as handball and futsal. That means sport administrators in schools and colleges will include hockey when they think about creating multi-sport facilities. One example of this is news I read today-

    3g pitches are slowly destroying hockey in Europe, so multi sport venues are a way to keep hockey alive.

    More importantly, it should be a choice, if you want to play regular hockey 11’s you should be free to do it but you should also have the choice to play hockey5s.

    I am not a Batra apologist, but you are way of course there. Most people in India don’t want the Olympics, at least not for the next few decades. Batra will not gain anything there, India will not bid for the Olympics for a long time. The commonwealth games of 2010 left enough bitter memories. Batra already has a lot of power, he is president of the Indian Olympic Committee.

    As for the IOC, if it wants to cut costs, what is wrong with that. I don’t think IOC would want to cut hockey from the Olympics. They may want to add Hockey5s in addition to hockey just as they do with basketball 3s and beach volleyball.

    You think India wants to do away with regular hockey and replace it with Hockey5s. You are totally wrong. If hockey stays in the Olympics, it will only be because of India.

    Not because of Belgium or Holland or Britain, whose players should have won most of the hockey awards. They lost because the stakeholders in these countries don’t care enough. If they couldn’t care about the awards, do you think they will protest if hockey gets axed.


  2. donjasjit
    2021-10-24 @ 09:02

    I commented 3 days back, you have not responded. I totally understand. You must have been dishearten by the lack of response.

    You wrote a heartfelt post about our sport and no one could spare a few seconds to share their thoughts on the issue. Similarly, gold medal winning players of Holland and Belgium came up empty in the hockey awards, because stakeholders in these countries and Europe in general don’t care.

    It sums up the state of our sport. Very few people care and this lack of caring is what will doom hockey, not hockey 5s.

    Lacrosse 6s, cricket t20 and floorball are desperate to enter the Olympics in 2028. In all these sports, lots of people care, much more than hockey. They will keep on the pressure on the IOC till they gain entry. Since IOC is serious about cost cutting, it will have to delete a few sports where people don’t care enough.

    Hockey will be a tempting target for the axe.

    That is why people like me hope that Hockey5s can save hockey.


    • Ernst Baart
      2021-10-25 @ 15:25

      Well Jasjit, even in this we can recognise the difference between those who like and dislike the hockey5s concept. Which I would continue to categorise as the answer to a problem that did/does not exist…

      You will need to learn more about patience still. I like to read, research, think and ponder my answer. Instead of immediately hitting a hard ball in the direction of the goal hoping for a lucky deflection, I like to pass the ball around in the back (of my head) before I identify the right opening and move forward :p

      So I would like to ask you to refrain from all these assumptions. Rest assured you will get an answer, because not only do I care (!) enough to take my time for it… I also care enough for our sport to do a lot more than just writing about it. In the 3 days since your post, for example, I hosted a webinar for hockey coaches from all over the world at . One of many I host all the time. Where the best of the best share their knowledge with coaches from all countries. In the one from last Friday the expert coach from Australia got questions from coaches from The Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, Argentina, India, Indonesia, Malta, Nigeria,… And we had coaches from many other countries just listening in. Other than that I gave myself some “me-time”, some family time and went to see a game of hockey (the real hockey) between two top clubs in the league with the best hockey in the world. Because we get to see (and play) these every week (some 30 weeks/year) in these countries you consider do not care about our game of hockey 🙂

      So forgive me for not caring enough apparently… but in any case you will need to be a bit more patient until I find the time to reply to your thoughts.


  3. donjasjit
    2021-10-27 @ 19:42

    From your post and the work you are doing, it is obvious that you have a passion for hockey. You definitely care and will do everything in your power to secure a bright future for the sport of hockey. Of course, our visions may differ but I can appreciate when a person truly cares about a sport, which I love so much.

    I only wish there were more like us.


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