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  1. Reg knowles
    2018-07-14 @ 00:00

    Why have we heard the same story from FIH over the past 15 years but no action. Regjk


  2. 10 questions for the FIH - Studio Hockey
    2019-12-26 @ 10:09

    […] An event where several important decisions regarding the future of our sport were communicated. Also more or less a year ago we spoke with the “new” CEO of the FIH Thierry Weil, before…. Following the global congress a year ago we had a talk with Mike Joyce, director of development […]


  3. Why play hockey? - Studio Hockey
    2021-10-07 @ 18:22

    […] triggered a response from the newly appointed CEO for the FIH, Thierry Weil, a former FIFA marketing director, in which he claims all of the money earned by FIH will go into […]


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