Coach talk with Max Caldas & Adam Commens

Watch the replay of the very first Coach Talk hosted by Silas Moss from Australia and Ernst Baart from the Netherlands and Belgium… Over an hour of blabbing with some the world’s best coaches in the game: Adam Commens & Max Caldas.
We call it blabbing, because we host this LIVE show at a new media platform called Blab* By now you have missed the live show, but it is here for you to enjoy… on both our Hockey5.TV site as on our Blab channel 😉 We talk with these great coaches about their passion for the game, the differences (if any) between coaching women and men, the changing rules of the game, the challenges for the FIH in scheduling their events and for the national federations in adapting their competition format with modern hockey!

So, take some time to sit back, relax and watch the replay of our show.

*The show was hosted live on a platform called Blab which has been discontinued afterwards