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  1. donjasjit
    2018-11-09 @ 14:42

    Hockey 5s is the last hope for hockey as a sport to save itself in India. The situation is dire, Hockey India League was a ratings disaster. Sports like soccer and even kabaddi are miles ahead in ratings, in fact the situation is so bad that franchises of Hockey India League are bleeding money, if things are not stabilized now, most franchises will quit.

    The next Hockey India League season will show if hockey in India can be saved. Of what little I saw of hockey 5s at the youth olympics, hockey 5s is something the masses could like. I really liked the constant action and very few stoppages.


  2. donjasjit
    2018-11-09 @ 18:44

    I thought I had made a comment, but I seem to have made a mistake in posting it. Anyway, I wish to say that hockey is in a bad state in India(but still better than Pakistan).

    Hockey India League almost folded up because the ratings were horrible, way below football and kabaddi. The franchises wanted to quit because they are making losses(one of them Delhi Wave Riders did quit).

    Hockey 5s is the last hope. Of what I saw at the youth olympics, fast paced action with few interruptions, hockey 5s has the potential to attract viewers. If hockey 5s gets the viewership, then 11 a side hockey will also get saved.


    • Ernst Baart
      2018-11-09 @ 22:09

      Hey, thanks for your feedback.
      I do not agree… though probably I know too little about India to really understand as you know too little about the way hockey is in Europe…
      You only see the pro side of the game as the only indicator to its success or not. I look at participation first (recreational hockey) and the pro side of the sport second. It is not about the viewership, it is about the amount of people playing hockey instead of watching hockey. Grow the number of players and the number of viewers will follow. The other way around does not work at least not for the long run 😉


  3. Magdel
    2018-11-10 @ 23:00

    Personally, I play 11 a side, indoor and 5s and enjoy all of it. I would hate to see any of it disappear. My child also plays all three and each game setup teaches and applies a different set if skills.



  4. Eugene A Lavery
    2018-12-03 @ 02:02

    I am glad to see Geo-blocking becoming smarter. Indiscriminate geo-blocking is simply stone age. Sometimes here in the USA broadcasters who own rights to sports competitions, particularly those of less popular sports such as Field Hockey don’t even bother showing the sports they have bought the rights to. Couple that with indiscriminate geo-blocking and you left trawling the internet for illegal streams to watch things. Thankfully the FIH seems to have a good deal with B/R Live to stream every game from every tournament at the moment.

    I agree that pushing Hockey 5s is stupid. Indoor hockey is much more likely to grow the sport in non-traditional areas as we have already seen with countries such as Iran. As a fan of cricket I have seen the damage T20 Cricket is doing to the more traditional forms of the game. We now have an ever shorter version, T10, that threatens T20 cricket. Perhaps eventually they will devise a format that will last 3 minutes and can be shown in ad breaks of other sports?


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    2019-12-26 @ 00:47

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