Predictions and rankings

goldsilverbronze-300x300Almost a year ago I wrote a blog “My own world ranking” just before the European Cup played in Belgium. So today I’m risking it again to make my predictions for the World Cup known beforehand and publishing my own world ranking. Two different things all together of course because the world ranking is not always the final ranking at the end of a major tournament. After all if sports would become predictable it would also become very boring…

To paraphrase the great Baz Luhrmann (no, he’s not some German hockeycoach) from his famous “Wear Sunscreen” song: “My advice has no basis more reliable than my own meandering experience”. And of course it’s a very subjective take on things…

First off the FIH world ranking for the men (sorry girls I’m not following you as much as the men’s competition). Below you’ll see the official one from the FIH dated from the end of January after the World League and next to it my own ranking for today:

FIH Country   Me Country
1 Australia 1 Netherlands
2 Germany 2 Germany
3 Netherlands 3 Australia
4 England 4 Belgium
5 Belgium 5 England
6 New Zealand 6 New Zealand
7 Korea 7 Argentina
8 India 8 Spain
9 Pakistan 9 Korea
10 Spain 10 India


And my prediction for this World Cup starting this weekend ? Here you go:

Men   Women
1 Netherlands 1 Netherlands
2 Australia 2 Argentina
3 Belgium 3 Australia

I think the Belgian Red Lions will be beaten by the home team in the semi finals but will kick ass in the consolation final against the Germans. For the Belgian Red Panthers (the womens team) I think they will finish 4th in their pool and 8th in the tournament if all goes well