🎙Studio Hockey Podcast is all about (top) hockey from all over the world. All podcasts in English.
🎙Every Friday during hockey season a new episode on Belgian top hockey by Floris Geerts. Most podcasts in Dutch.
🎙StudioHockey.NL is a podcast about the Dutch Hoofdklasse and international top hockey. Most podcasts in Dutch.

Studio Hockey is a platform for podcasts about hockey. A podcast is like a radio show “on demand”. Podcasts are audio files for the curious of mind and often are listened to on specific podcast apps such as Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Stitcher… and many many others. You’ll also find podcasts in Spotify, on the internet and on smart speakers such as the Amazon Echo or Google Home speakers. If you’re a fan of one particular podcast you could subscribe to it using your preferred app on your smartphone so you will never miss a new episode.

At Studio Hockey we produce some of our own podcasts (see above) but we also want to promote all other hockey related podcasts out there (see below). If you launch your own (we can help) or come across a new hockey podcast please let us know so we can add it here. Meanwhile… enjoy hockey 😉

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