The field hockey game @ Kickstarter

Kickstarter is thé reference when it comes to crowdfunding worldwide… Strike the right chord, add some great promo video stuff, be creative with your rewards for backers and if your idea came at the right time to the right people it could take off in a way you never would have imagined, not even in your wildest dreams. The Pebble watch of course being the best example of this. Of course, crowdfunding providers will always show off their successes and remain silent about the thousands of projects that did not make it, maybe the idea wasn’t good enough, maybe their promo did not get through or maybe they were too much ahead of time (or too late).
However being the field hockey enthusiast I am, I could not resist helping out with some promotion for the project they’re promoting these days: a field hockey game for PC, Mac & Linux + XBOX 360 PS4 OUYA iOS Android which is set to be released just before the World Cup next year.
Watch the video here…

Visit their Kickstarter page (click here) and get your wallet out to back them! Remember you do not risk losing your money since it will only be paid when they reach their goal. If they won’t make their goal the guys behind this have said they will continue on their own (with less resources of course) so in that case their ambitions will have to be turned down a notch or two and they won’t make the deadline of the World Cup next summer.

They still have a long way to go, being at 1% of their goal as I write this and have some 20 days to go to reach their goals. Let’s all pitch in and promote this idea to help promote the sport we love…

But of course, should they make it and you or your kids will start playing it…. Remember it will never be as good as the real stuff out there 😉

De Belgische Hockey Podcast
De Belgische Hockey Podcast
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