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Studio Hockey is on Clubhouse

Clubhouse has entered the menu of social media options recently. We think the drop-in audio app has some fun elements, so we’re giving it a go…

We do our talks in English or Dutch. So if you see the 🇳🇱 🇧🇪 flags in front of the title you know content and language will be for those who speak or understand Dutch / Flemish. If you’re new to clubhouse, you need to get the app for your iPhone or iPad from Which is also where you apply for an account on Clubhouse. Someone you know, who is already on Clubhouse will invite you in… We’re told the android app will follow in a couple of weeks… If you’re already on Clubhouse, make sure you join “Club Hockey” and/or follow me (Ernst Baart) so you get notified every time a hockey room goes in session 😉 Enjoy…

You need to click the links above from either your iPhone or iPad

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